Mongolia’s Nightlife Hotspots

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Ulaanbaatar MongoliaOn the 21st century, Mongolia also known as the “Heart of Asia,” started to open its door to tourists, giving foreigners the opportunity to see the historic and nomadic culture of the country. The country has much to offer including the picturesque wilderness, Camel riding in the Gobi Desert, bird watching, hiking and trekking, legendary hospitality of the locals and more. In addition, as the night came by, after experiencing the scenic views and leisure activities of Mongolia, numerous nightclubs are also available for people seeking a good nightlife, especially found in the city of Ulaanbaatar.

Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia, in which modern life can be greatly seen with a little blend of Mongolian traditional lifestyle. It is the only city that hosts the country’s international landing field the “Chinggis Khaan International Airport.” Given that, there are many foreign travelers visiting the “Heart of Asia,” lots of business establishments have sprung into the metropolitan area including malls, restaurants, hotels and night clubs to serve locals and non-locals.

Active Nightlife

Nightlife in MongoliaDuring the communist era in Mongolia, bars and clubs are strictly prohibited in the country. Luckily on the year 1990, the country started to open its world to different cultures and started to embrace new trends or globalization. Now, locals have enjoyed experiencing different kinds of lifestyle including trendy fashions and partying at night.

If you are wondering how the nightlife in the country and what can you expect from it, here are some of the most popular and considered to be the safest clubs in the city of Ulaanbaatar.

  • Strings Club

Location: Modnii 2, White House Hotel, Strings Club, 976

Contact Number: +976-9903-6775


Strings Club Mongolia

Strings Club offers great entertainment and nice atmosphere. It is a restaurant with live music bands from the Philippines. They serve delicious foods and for sure every guests will ended up staying for the night to listen to the live music. The bands play three sets of great varieties of music every day from rock, classical and hip-hop or even by requests.  To keep the tempo up, Malaysian DJ’s are playing lively tunes between the sets. The club is one of the safest clubs in Mongolia for tourists; it is much closed to the White Hotel, wherein guests can stay and relax after an amazing party night. In addition, trustworthy taxi services are also available outside the club.

  • Chicago Night Club

Location: 6th Khoroo, Chingeltei District

Contact Number: +976-9913-1902

This club is one of the biggest clubs in Mongolia that caters Mongolian live music. It can accommodate 300-400 people and also a good place to experience Mongolia’s finest music. The club has helped to contribute to the development of the country’s art and music and supports local singers and bands. If you want to experience Mongolia’s music, Chicago Night Club is the best option among the lists.

  • Amrita Night Club

Location: Narnii Titem, Chingeltei District

Contact Number: +976-8885-5288

Amrita Nightclub

Amrita Night Club presents nice food and awesome music with quite real club atmosphere. The club can accommodate 250-300 persons and can be a great venue for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays and more. The stage is equipped with a stripper pole for strip shows. It is a great place for adults in whom there are contortionist and acrobats performing, as a way of entertainment. The club opens at 10:00pm and closes at 4:00am.

  • Brilliant Club

Location: 2nd Khoroo, Khan-Uul District

Contact Number: +967-9910-1235

Do you want to keep up to date to the newest Mongolian music? Brilliant Club is certainly the answer. The club has a huge crowd of local beautiful, handsome and young Mongolian locals. The interior design is so fabulous with a very cozy atmosphere and you will absolutely experience the great mixes of Mongolia’s famous DJ’s in the world.

  • Medusa Club

Location: Chandmani Center, Sukhbaatar District

Contact Number: +976 – 9898-0990

Medusa Club

One of the hottest trance and hip-hop nightclubs in Mongolia that attracts young party goers is the Medusa Club. The music played in the clubis very amazing and will surely dance the night away. The beat tempos are especially played by the best DJ’s like Medusa Mix Crew and Mongolian Mix Project. It is also a perfect place for birthdays and other special events, wherein the bar can accommodate 200-250 persons.

These are just some of the numerous famous clubs in Mongolia. If you thought that the country might be a little bit boring, definitely not! As you can see, the country has an active nightlife that is available to its people and visitors. I will assure you that hanging out in this beautiful country, indeed worth a lifetime experience.

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